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Easter Aquhorthies

Easter Aquhorthies is about 20km northwest of Aberdeen (Google Maps). It's almost a perfect circle. There's a pink granite recumbent stone about 4 metres (13 feet) long, two grey granite flankers (2.5m, 8ft), and 9 other standing stones of pink porphyry and red jasper.
I've been here once before and, to be honest, I wasn't all that impressed by the place. I guess it's down to mood, or the quality of the sunset. This time I thought it was gorgeous.


Ballymeanoch Stone Rows

I don't tend to do very much dawn photography...I think I'm allergic to mornings. And Kilmartin Glen is a few hours away, so I'm pretty sure I've never been there at dawn. But yesterday the cats were determined to not let me sleep, and I had use of a car for a couple of days, so off I went. I got to Ballymeanoch not long before sunrise, and with the most wonderful ground fog. Despite a dash across the fields and setting up as quickly as I could, most of it had dispersed before I got any pictures. There's still a hint of it in the pre-sunrise shots...

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Ring O' Brodgar, Redux

The last set of Brodgar pictures that I posted were all taken at dawn on one day.

This group of photos, also from the Ring O' Brodgar in Orkney, are from various times over the next several days, including a couple at moonrise late one night.

Be warned that there are quite a few pictures behind the cut ... sorry for your bandwidth!

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Stenness, Orkney

At the back end of summer I took a trip up to Orkney. Hopefully I'll have a few pictures to post, but here's just one for now. The Stones of Stenness somewhat before dawn, lit by the rising moon.

Hurlers in snow

Part of the triple stone circle complex just outside the town of Liskeard in Cornwall. Still my second favourite site - you can't beat Avebury for me.

Hurlers in snow, Bodmin Moor

Also, the stone cross just past the sheep as you leave Minions.

Stone Cross, Minions