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Mull Stones

I had a short trip to Mull last month. One of my favourite places.

A lone standing stone on the west side of the island. On a fine day there are stunning views west over to Ulva and south to Ben More. On an overcast autumn day, the ticks you pick up battling through the bracken are rather more notable.

There are several stone rows around Dervaig at the north end of the island. This row of five (three fallen) in a forest clearing is rather fine. Not least because they're in a pool of light amongst the dark trees.

And down in the south of the island near Loch Buie is an almost-complete stone circle with a couple of out-lying stones, and one of the finest settings I've seen.

Caerlaverock Castle

Just south of Dumfries, 13th Century, unusually triangular, and ever so castelly!
I drove down in unseasonally thick fog at half past far-too-early on an August morning thinking I was probably wasting my time, and watched the mist all blow away as the sun came up. Magic!

Carse Stones

I have a bit of catching up to do! These are a pair of stones by the sea on the Knapdale Peninsula - a very beautiful part of the country - shot in June. The sun *always* shines there!
Ignore the Bull In Field sign at your own peril!

Twmbarlwm, Risca, South Wales

C12th-13th medieval castle earthwork.
OS 171
ST 243926 U4

Visible for miles, Twmbarlwm, Risca
The castle is the raised mound on top of the horizon - perhaps constructed in this position to be not only inaccessible but utterly conspicuous!

Of course, without the (laughably out of date) textbook and OS map, up close, you may think it's just a very steep, geographically intriguing, hill that rewards the determined walker with creepy trees and spectacular views across Glamorgan, but this medieval earthwork still manages to feel somewhat menacing up close.

The motte, Twmbarlwm

View of the summit, from the motte, Twmbarlwm

One of three spooky trees at foot of Twmbarlwm, Risca

I don't want to insult the site by saying it's an excellent picnic spot, but not mentioning this would be completely unfair...Highly recommended.

Loughcrew equinox 2010

095 by you.
So sunday morning i got up in the wee small hours of 3am to bike the 70km out to loughcrew for the Equinox.
bloody weatherCollapse )


Machrie Moor

A couple of pics of some of the stones on Machrie Moor, Arran from last September. Sorry for waiting 6 months before posting them!

And doubly sorry for the self-portrait, but it helps give some scale ;-). I'd seen loads of pictures of the stones there before I went, yet I'd got the idea that they were significantly smaller than they really are.

Various places

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I havent posted here in ages. Thought id share some pictues of places ive been over the last year or so. This is the Proleek dolmen, which i was very much looking forward to seeing but turned out to be a disapointment.

More Avebury

Just some images of Avebury, taken yesterday.

Originally uploaded by Sister Savage

Aberlemno Pictish Stones

Aberlemno is in Angus, just north of Perthshire, and I was through there on Tuesday. There are three Pictish stones by the roadside and a fourth a few hundred metres away in the kirkyard. Carved sometime around the 7th or 8th century AD. The "Serpent Stone" (with a serpent symbol carved near the top) is a reused prehistoric standing stone.